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We The Keepers

Under dim glow of a bedside light

I linger as day draws close to night

Gazing o're a bed as it cradles it's sleeper

Standing guard while one slumbers

deeper and deeper.

This sleeper does not sleep to dream

For this slumber is not as it may seem.

Lying vacantly still in a hospital room

The sleeper decays. This bed is her tomb.

I dream for this sleeper to awaken

From the coma by which her dreams were taken.

As night closes in I stand patiently waiting

For the sleeper to wake from a coma abating.

Darkness falls upon the hospital floor

And stretches down the corridor

Each room enclosing dreamless sleepers

While the awakened watch over, for we are their keepers.

In rows of chambers one-by-one

With stony trance they slumber on.

Though keepers dwell on deep regret

Faith for revival fades not yet.

By stillness of the early morn

Hope for the sleepers is reborn

With truth and love as remedy

For their souls' serenity.

We have faith, yet cannot know

If eyes will wake at morning's glow.

Dawning of awakened sleepers -

The tireless dream of we the keepers.

By: Anonymous

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