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Lady of the Looking Glass

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Written By: Anonymous

An ocean stretching far and wide

Ebbs and flows in evening tide.

Great depths within these waters lie,

Reaching forth to endless sky.

Well hidden in this ocean vast

Stands a tower tall and glassed

Perched upon a lonely isle

Extending no more than a mile.

Atop the tower – a mirrored room.

Within it dwells a lady whom

Suffers from her own mischance.

A curse beguiles her in a trance.

Trapped in the reflective walls

A mirrored view of the world falls

Like a vapor they appear –

Ocean, sun, and sky unclear.

Unsure of what this curse may be

Her gaze is fixed steadily

Upon the muted world she knows.

A figment, the reflection shows.

No ocean mist, nor warmth of sun

Can be felt, lest curse undone.

A shadow of a life she lives

Inverse of truth, the mirror gives.

Her focus drawn as if by chance

Beauty falls upon her glance.

For oceans in her eyes she sees -

To look within will set her free.

Raindrops fall upon the tower

As though to quench a wilting flower.

With thirst to feel the rain at last

She steps through the looking glass.

Showers fall upon her. Drenched -

Finally her thirst is quenched.

On her skin – cool, gentle patters.

The cursed mirror tower shatters.

Standing on beach sands of gold,

A boundless sight she beholds

Of oceans deep and endless skies.

Truth and beauty therein lies.

Before diving in the waters deep

To observe the secrets that they keep

In sand she etches on the shore

‘Lady of the Looking Glass NO MORE.’

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