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A Caged Bird's Cry

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Written By: Anonymous

I know why a caged bird cries

For her longing to sing never dies.

Within her heart a dream therein lies

For a sky beyond cages where every bird flies.

I know why a caged bird dreams

Of oceans and skies beyond what her world seems.

Within her eyes a spark of hope gleams

For a world beyond cages where the sun warmly beams.

I know why a caged bird hopes for more

Of a daybreak o're mountains where eagles soar.

A breeze floats 'neath her wings and beyond her cage door

To a world beyond cages where birds perch by the shore.

I know why a caged bird holds her head high

While other birds sleep, wide awake are her eyes.

Wings spread like an eagle, her destiny visualized

Of a sky beyond cages soaring towards the sunrise.

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